Many processes take place at particularly high temperatures, for example in the case of pyrolysis or catalysis and
biomass gasification. In this context, the highly accurate weighing of material samples under corresponding measurement
conditions is of great scientific interest. Against this background, Rubolab offers a highly accurate measuring
instrument for performing thermogravimetric analyses (TGA), based on the unique technology of a Magnetic Suspension

The Instrument

The RuboSORP TGA instrument utilizes an innovative technology known as Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB). This advanced technology enables precise mass determination even under extreme conditions of high pressure and high temperature, making it ideal for a wide range of scientific applications. The MSB system incorporates resistant measurement cells and a scientific microbalance positioned outside of the cell for accurate mass measurements. A key component of the MSB system is the contactless magnetic suspension coupling, which allows for the measurement of mass changes within the pressurized and heated measurement cell. During the measurement process, the sample undergoing mass change is attached to a permanent magnet. To ensure accurate and stable measurement, the position of the permanent magnet is detected and controlled using a high-performance PID controller. In order to achieve a free levitation position for the permanent magnet and the sample, an electromagnet located outside of the measurement cell is employed. By applying voltage to the electromagnet, a magnetic field is created, establishing a stable levitation position for the sample. This contactless setup allows for precise measurement of the sample mass even under extreme conditions. The RuboSORP TGA instrument combines the benefits of the Magnetic Suspension Balance Technology with resistant measurement cells, enabling researchers to accurately measure mass changes in samples subjected to high pressure and high temperature. This advanced technology provides valuable insights into the behavior and properties of materials, making it indispensable in various scientific fields.

Available Versions

Version Type Max.(℃) Max.(bar)
RuboSORP TGA-HP 1000 100
RuboSORP TGA-HP2 750 150
RuboSORP TGA-ST 1100 50
RuboSORP TGA-HT 1200 30
RuboSORP TGA-HT2 1300 20
RuboSORP TGA-HT3 1400 20
RuboSORP TGA-LP 1200 1
RuboSORP TGA-LP2 1600 1

The RuboSORP TGA systems are available in 8 different versions, making them versatile for various pressure and temperature ranges. These systems are designed to handle different application areas, allowing for precise measurements. Whether it is ultra-high vacuum or up to 150 bar, the RuboSORP TGA systems can handle different pressure environments with ease. Similarly, the temperature range of these systems is extensive, spanning from -196 to 1600C. With such a broad temperature range, the RuboSORP TGA systems can handle various temperature conditions, ensuring accurate measurements across a wide spectrum. The combination of the versatility of the RuboSORP TGA systems and their ability to handle different pressure and temperature ranges makes them a reliable choice for a range of applications.


Forced-Flow Through Sample Materials
Best possible agreement of measurement data with real processes thanks to improved sample crucible concepts
The RuboSORP TGA can be equipped with forced-flow sample crucibles in order to reproduce processes as realistically as
possible. Moreover, an improved mass transfer between the fluid atmosphere and the sample material reduces the required
measuring time considerably.
Intelligent Software including Uncertainty Calculation
RuboSORP TGA instrument will be delivered with a powerful software package. With the help of this software all
measuring parameters can be read, monitored and changed continuously. In addition to an integrated measurement data
evaluation, a DIN ISO EN 9001 compliant uncertainty analysis of the obtained measurement data is carried out.

Executable Measurements (Examples)

Pyrolyse, Reaction Rate of Cellulose
The picture on the left shows the temperature-dependent reaction rate [g/g*s] of cellulose measured in an inert
atmosphere (blue) and in the presence of carbon dioxide (green). The results show that the reaction starts at much
lower temperatures due to the presence of CO2.

Gasification of Graphite at Different Pressures
The picture shows the mass loss [g] recorded on a graphite sample as a function of temperature, measured at three
different pressures. All three graphs show a significant weight loss at a temperature above 800°C, indicating that
gasification of the material is occurring.

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