Gas Dosing Systems

Improve the efficiency of your laboratory work and combine existing equipment (e.g. autoclaves or high pressure vessels) with our automatic gas dosing systems. Based on our standard dosing systems we also offer tailor-made solutions. By doing this, we offer the appropriate solution for your efficient laboratory operation. All of our gas dosing systems will be delivered together with our Rubolab LabControl software.This tailor-made software allows user-friendly and intuitive operation of our gas dosing systems, as well as easy integration of existing peripherical devices.

Available Versions:
The fully automated pressure controlling systems of GDU-STATIC-series are used to generate static atmospheres in connected volumes. Pressuriziation as well as depressurization occurs by means of two high-pressure dosing valves in pulsed-width controlled operation. As electrically heated versions (-SC) these units also can handle fluids in supercritical state.
The gas dosing system of GDU-DYNAMIC-series controls fluid flow conditions as well as system pressure. It is therefore equipped with thermal mass flow controllers and a pressure regulation valve. By adjusting corresponding mass flows different gas mixture compositions can be generated.
Both series can also be extended by a steam dosing (-V).

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