In addition to providing measurement data, we can use our many years of experience to assist you with the processing and interpretation of data.

Our state of the art laboratory technology can be modified to meet your specific experimental needs, all while maintaining maximum quality and accuracy.

Our instruments maintain their high quality, regardless of toxic, corrosive, high pressure, or extreme temperature conditions.

Who we are

The RuboLab GmbH placed in Düsseldorf, Germany offers high quality laboratory technology. Our analytical services are focused on sorption measurement technology and related areas. Our team of engineers has many years of practical experience, so flexible and customer-oriented work on a high quality level is guaranteed. We maintain a close network with experts of various disciplines. By doing this, even the most complex tasks can be realized.


Rubolab and DBI-Virtuhcon Announce Joint Partnership

Both companies agreed on a long-term partnership and will bundle their specific expertises in the future. Further information can be found at: DBI-Virtuhcon Rubolab

Some of our clients

Rubolab GmbH - Measurement & Analysis